What is an API?

API stands for “Application Programming Interface.” In simple terms, it is a way for two computer programs to communicate in order to transfer information.

What are the packages I can choose from?

There are 4 packages to choose from to add TemplateCloud® to your online print shop. You can switch packages as your requirements change.

What data formats does the API support?

We currently support XML and JSON response types.

How can I reach out to Templatecloud to discuss a potential partnership opportunity?

If you think there may be a larger opportunity for your business to work in concert with Templatecloud, contact us regarding a possible partnership opportunity.

How do I integrate the API with my site?

Create an account and read our active docs and guide to see the requests you'll need to make to our API. Then you can start building how you'd like to show our designs. If you'd like more detailed advice, please refer to our static documentation. You can also learn how to integrate our editor here.

How do I embed your editor on my site?

Our template editor is class-leading, and we're constantly improving it. Check out this guide to understand how to embed our editor on your site.

Does your editor support HTML5?

At the moment our editor uses Flash. Since many internet users use browsers that don't support HTML5, we believe Flash will be actively used for the foreseeable future. However we are working on building a HTML5 that will be compatible with the iPad and iPhone. This is groundbreaking technology, and will be launched somewhere near the end of 2014.