Embedding the Templatecloud Editor

Current HTML5 editor documentation

The new way to embed the editor can be found here Embed Editor

We updated this method based on feedback from partners and because Flash is becoming outdated

Outdated editor documentation

The following is a description of the old and unsupported way to embed a Flash editor.
We no longer support this but the method is recorded here for posterity

To embed the Flash editor on your site simple copy-paste the code below and fill all "{}" blocks accordingly.

Please use the following variables:

  1. src = http://dev.templatecloud.com/templates_frontend/PDCRobot.swf?1325859802
  2. baseURL = http://dev.templatecloud.com/api/
  3. templateid = 10014 (please use this Id for testing purposes since only a limited number is activated on the DEV server)
  4. instanceid = 1719061 (this is generated using the method "Create Instance", see https://developer.templatecloud.com/docs#/instances)
  5. customerid = TDDEMO while in dev
  6. locales = tc_GB for UK. (Hover over to see more)
  7. asset_key = a SHA1 hash of [bf6b7bb900dcb665497362cbce0a9e90] with [instanceid] appended to the end. We'll need a hex representation of the SHA1 hash.

You can download the jquery.flash.js file from the following site: http://jquery.lukelutman.com/plugins/flash/

Appendix A: Different Keys

To integrate with the TemplateCloud API, you'll need to understand the difference between the API Key, Editor Key and Asset Key:

  1. API Key:
    • Used for all API requests. Not used for opening the Editor.
    • Unique to you, and found on https://developer.templatecloud.com/admin/access_details.
    • Your API Key is the same in development and live.
  2. Editor Key:
    • Used to make your Asset Key when opening the Editor.
    • Is always bf6b7bb900dcb665497362cbce0a9e90 while in development.
    • You'll be sent a unique Editor Key to you when you're ready for live, this will be different to the development account.
  3. Asset Key:
    • Used when opening the Editor.
    • Found by making a SHA1 Hex representation of the concatenated string of your Editor Key + the instanceid your editing.
    • Process to making Asset Key is same in development to live, but your Editor Key changes

Appendix B: Making your Asset Key

You'll need to create an asset_key to launch the editor. To make this, follow this process:

  1. Create an Instance for the template you're editing, eg instanceid=321321
  2. Concatinate your Editor Key with the instanceid from a). eg bf6b7bb900dcb665497362cbce0a9e90321321
  3. Make a SHA1 Hex Hash of your concatinated string from b). eg de0f2712ba809c84e901493c0a3931ab849cace1